ForeBears is an amateur and experimental motion film about the prehistoric Bear Cult and the Neanderthal case.

Due to a mistake made by the printing factory (and NOT by our designer) on the Forebears’ booklet, I put here the text, which you can download in PDF format:



Here is a taste of the DVD:

ForeBearsrelease5 ForeBearsrelease2

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(Artwork by Marie CACHET – Design by Dan CAPP)

Varg VIKERNES embarks on a spiritual journey back in time, to the Stone Age (around 30 000 BC) to a previous life. He sees the distant past through the eyes of his former self, and doing so understands the meaning of the forgotten bear cult rituals, that still influences the modern mind. He discovers that these age-old rituals are the roots to all philosophies, traditions and religions.

With unpublished music by Varg VIKERNES.

In English only.
Run time : 100 min approx.
PAL DVD – You may have trouble playing the DVD in some TV DVD-players in America, where the TV standard is NTSC

© 2013 Marie CACHET
All music by Varg VIKERNES

Here is the ForeBears’ trailer:


As some people asked, here is the translation of the text of the music in the trailer. It is a literal translation of the Voluspa from the book Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia by Varg Vikernes

Gullaldr means Golden Age

Then came the honoured
the sound’s son
the mind’s son went
to fight the worm
killed him with courage
the sacred rain of the world in the middle
he clears all halls
in the inhabited world ;
walks nine feet
carries to the mountain
the dregradation of the worm
infamous refrain

The Sun turns black
the Earth sinks into the sea
thrown from the sky
bright stars ;
sparks sprays
and the fire is
playing tall and hot
by the sky itself

The swallower is barking loudly,
in front of the cave leaning over the hillside,
the ties/mounts are torn,
hardship is growing,
she knows that the flocks sing,
I look forward, even further,
to the end of the powers,
the destinity of the victorious god.

She sees rising on the other side
land from the sea
green again
eagle flying above
the one who on the mountains
catches fish

The spirits find
on the ground on the backwater field
and talks about the old Earth
the destinity of the powers,
and remember there
great things
and the great god’s
old secrets.

There they will later
golden tablets
find in the grass,
which in the old days
were possessions of their kin.

With no sowing
the fields will grow
bad luck will be better
Baldr will come ;
live there Höðr and Baldr
Hrofts (Óðinn’s) victory fields
selected by the fallen/chosen gods.
Do you still know enough, or what ?

Then the temter (Freyr) chose
blood wood
and started to build
the double’s brothers
wide wind world
Do you still know enough or what ?

She saw a hall stand
decorated on the Sun
covered with gold
on the sea of gems ;
there the skilled
kings should build
and in the days of life