Ancestral Cult is an organisation created by Varg Vikernes and Marie Cachet, in order to revive the ancient European philosophy and religion. Our aim is to reconstruct the lost European culture, and create the opportunity for Europeans to learn more about their own culture, but also to have access to entertainment related to their morals, their beliefs, and their philosophy.

This website is divided into several categories or pages that will guide you to various sites integrated into the organisation.

Atala – Articles by Marie Cachet
Books – Books by Varg Vikernes
Burzum – Music by Varg Vikernes
ForeBears – A film by Marie Cachet and Varg Vikernes
Myfarog – A Roleplaying Game by Varg Vikernes
SHOP – Here can you order the ForeBears film
The ways of Yore – To restore an instinctive and creative learning
Thulean Perspective – Articles by Varg Vikernes
Visual Art – Illustrations by Marie Cachet