Why do Jews commit such Evil Deeds?


This article is taken from Hardon’s blog:



Jews committing a Blood Ritual (Ritual Murder) of a young White Child


The Jews and their cohorts have written much about the reason, but how many have truly taken notice of the reason?

It is well known that many prominent Jews, such as Marx, participated in Satanic Rituals and other bizarre actions, but why?

From what has been written about it, by persons such as Aleister Crowley,Robert Anton Wilson, and others, the purpose is to break every Taboo.

Such as rape, homosexual rape, child rape, incestuous rape, torture, child torture, murder, child murder, theft, vandalism, looting, extortion, fraud, arson, treason, smuggling, and on and on.

To break each and every Taboo, to leave no Taboo unbroken.
But why?

The Jew considers an honest law abiding man to be nothing more than a robot blindly following the programming that was handed down by parents, priests, teachers, bosses, law makers, and even peers.

Thus the Jew is constrained in its actions, and therefore constrained in its profits, deprived of its desires.

By breaking every Taboo, the Jew becomes unconstrained.

To the Jew it is considered to be defeating the programming, and it has been called“killing the robot”. When the programming has been defeated, the robot (the limitations that constrained the Jew) will die, and only then may the Jew truly live.

At that point the Jew will be able to do any deed, commit any action, without mercy or regret. Nothing will then prevent the Jew from attaining whatever it desires.

Robert Anton Wilson repeats two quotes from Hassan i Sabbah (one of the most wicked men of the Middle East) again and again throughout his writings,“nothing is true, everything is permissible” and “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” and that sums up the state to which the vile Jew aspires─ total freedom, to do as it pleases, unbound by moral or legal standards. To be a free roaming Jew, a wolf among the cattle. Living only to fulfill its desires, and to no other purpose.

When the Jew has reached a state of being completely unrestrained, it is said to be illuminated. Before that time, the Jew seeks illumination, after their god of light,Lucifer the Illuminator. They look to their ideal of Lucifer to show them the path to illumination, and they venerate the heavenly symbol of their bright and shinning god, Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. (Hence the Jewish Communist obsession with the Communist Star)

To have nothing which is beyond their grasp, no action beyond their limit, no end to their greed.

That is why.

So that even those Jews who were not born true psychopaths, as many Jews are, might also attain that same boundless freedom as the natural born Jewish psychopaths have; and then to use that freedom to fulfill every desire, every want, every lust.

They are not like us, in a very basic way.

Our Children are in danger from the very presence of the Jew.

There is no place for such a creature in our Homeland, and there never will be.