What kind of links do we want you to send to us?


Thank you for taking into account our tips before you send links!
In the LINKS section, you will soon find the following categories;


– Music
We will post here only links to websites or YouTube videos with music reconstructions of true (ancient) European music or new music based on the ancient European musical principles. We need that the musical project brings something to (or from) the original European culture. These links need not be musical projects we like personaly, or music groups with political influence close to ours.

– Visual Art
Same comments as for the music. The art must be directly related to the old European culture.

– Various Reconstructions
We will post here links to websites (or YouTube videos) with weapons/armour reconstructions or ancient European clothes.


We will inspect the links sent to us, so that we are certain of their reliability. This category also contains the religion and philosophy.


You can send links to websites (or YouTube videos) supporting the European cause, either by their positive influence, or because they attack our enemy. Be careful though with false friends, they are many today. The religious influence must be clearly mentioned (so we want no pro-Christian sites and they must all be anti-jewish and anti-Islam).


Please note that we always prefer not to add a link rather than add a link that we cannot personally recommend. In this context it is, we mean, better to keep silent than to say something wrong or support a false friend.

Please send the links only to marie.cachet@gmail.com with a description. Thank you!